Release notes:

This forum was designed as a learning excercise and is coded in php and mysql. It uses a very minimal approach compared with other forums and aimes to remove some things I consider forum bloat.

You can dowmload the forum code here, but you will have to create the DB tables yourself (I'll create a script for this soon though): ...

I have modualised the code so I can find my way around easier:
login - login form
register - register a new account
reply - for replying to posts
captcha - spam prevention
sanitize - takes care of all the user input, including hacking attempts
languages - translations not implemented in this version
pages - home for all the display pages
newPost - for creating new posts

The creation of this forum is a learning experience for me. This means I coded all of it myself and as a result, there may be some unforeseeable security issues. To combat this, I ask you to use a unique password so people won't be able to hack your email account. This forum does not request an email account for registration, but a hacker could easily guess your email address by combining -- so remember, use a unique password.

To post, you'll have to enter a capacha until I have time to verify your integrity and add you to the candidate list (...that was a LOST joke) :P

Currently, I have to abide by the terms of my free hosting provider. Apart from their rules, there are none, except you use the forum in the way it was designed for. This pretty much means spammers will have their accounts deleted and I'll see what I can do about barring them.

To-do: Well, more like a wish list really. The forum is fully functional without these things. - Thread subscription (but internally, not through email). - New post (since your last visit) link. - Sticky support.